Tuesday, June 11, 2013

11 months

I can't even think about my baby boy having his first birthday next month (but of course I have been planning his party ((in my mind at least)) for months)!! How did that happen?? He is becoming such a big boy lately.

- Took his first few steps the day he turned 11 months, which happened to be mothers day :). Loves to walk holding onto hands and toys.  Does not like wearing shoes (luckily our PT says this is fine).

- Loves splashing...bathtub and water table! Thinks its hilarious!  Wants to be outside all.the.time

- Barely eats anything these days unless it is sweet (fruit, cookies, ice cream), everything else goes on the floor! Rotten!!  Although he will eat pretty much anything that someone else is trying to eat.

- Loves to steal his brothers drinks and drink from a straw (and only chokes on it occasionally!)

-Understands and follows some directions...open (as in mouth where he puts everything), kiss and hug (loves to give big ones when you ask!),  dog (he loves them right now, even though the feeling is not entirely mutual), I'm sure he understands the meaning of no but he usually chooses to ignore it and give you a big smile instead :)

 So big!
 Hey Mom (coming for the camera!)
Love his rotten little smile.  

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